Ambience, Oasis, Arts, and Archeology

Safe, secure, serene, sublime-city-view and secluded in a sanctuary – Shy sunbeams flickering over the tops of swaying drunkenness trees, waving leaves, soft steps, several senses, surround sounds of the branches in the breeze, the quietude and scent of misty dawn before the sober sun is up, the morning songs of birds awakening in our botanical blooming gardens, aroma flowers glistering of the dew. Drapery dense vegetation dancing, depicting a Garden of Eden. Idyllic omnipresence of fauna, flora, and flourishing lush grounds, green spaces, gracefully nestled, offering hovering paranomic views to Hargeisa, flirting with the air and caressing the sky. Private car park surrounded by colourful exotic flora, blessings of outdoor, shrubbery dining; this superb retreat radiates its distinctive atmosphere full of rich Somali traditions. An elegant, graceful, and tranquil oasis of endless relax where guests can indulge in soothing atmosphere, unparalleled amenities and impeccable service mixed with a hint of frankincense and myrrh.