Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa

A city in the corner of a city


Besides luxurious residential homes, there also guesthouses, supermarkets, private medical services, Government offices, UN agencies and much more.

Egal International Airport


Fly Dubai, Ethiopia Airlines, Daallo Airlines, Jubba Airways fly regularly from Egal. The airport’s new extended runway which is 3.700M long will make Egal International airport runway the third longest runway in east Africa.

Ministry of Aviation


The newly built offices right opposite of Egal International Airport.

UN offices



MashaAllah; Mesmerising architecture. The eyes are rewarded with intricate and elegant designs. So simple yet so beautiful. The newly built masjid that can accommodate 2,000 plus people. High ceilings and large windows that consent to continuous flow of air and gentle breeze. So relaxing. Car park for hundreds of vehicles,

Guul Goals


5/6-a-side football pitch with flood lights. Secure car park. Open 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week. Children’s activities on Thur and Fri mornings.

Commercial and residential properties for let


Properties that range from 5 rooms up to 20 rooms are available for let around the Hotel.

Allore Supermarket


Right opposite the hotel to grab your groceries.