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Meetings and events

When organizing a grand event and you need the best, it is time to make a simple decision: choose the place that can offer you this – the Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa. If you would like your event to leave a long-lasting, brilliant impression on your guests, choose the place that will underscore, time and again, the prestige of your event – at the Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa.

There are multi-sized halls for holding conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations, consultations, weddings, graduations and business meetings.

These premier facilities for hosting your meetings or events, include:
  • Masalle Hall. Ideal for traditional and classic type weddings. Also suitable for conferences, seminars, and workshops for a large number of participants. The Masale Theatre has a seating capacity of 300 persons.
  • Moge Hall: Suitable for parties, workshops, conferences, and seminars with medium size number of participants. It can hold up to 900 to 1,000.
  • Sheik's Cabin. Suitable for parties, workshops, conferences, and seminars with small to medium sized number of participants. Also ideal for garden type wedding occasions. The maximum seating capacity is 100.
  • Lion's Den. Ideal for small group private meetings, as well as lunch or dinner. The Lion's Den is located at the top most part of the hotel, where one can enjoy the beautiful scenic city of Hargeisa either at night or during the day. The maximum seating capacity is 30.
We have over 8 years of experience in hosting meetings, conferences and events for many leading local, UN and International organizations.

We have the conference facilities, venue and expertise to host events of any size, ranging from 2 to 1500 delegates, across our 7 conferences and syndicate meeting rooms

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The Ambassador Hotel will arrange you tour packages to many areas of Somaliland such as…

Berbera, which is a coastal city that serves as the biggest seaport for Somaliland, with its clean and unspoiled beaches at the Gulf of Aden. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing and scuba-diving are some of the activities on offer.

The most outstanding area of Berbera is Moscow, even with your eyes closed you will notice the Russian architecture. When you have a good look at the houses you will notice they are made from Coral stone.

When you fly into Berbera you do not have to worry about the airstrip… in the 80's NASA used to have an office here and they built the strip because they had plans for a space shuttle to depart from here! The strip is 3 km!

Treat yourself in one of the fancy restaurants with sea views! There is fresh caught fish every day! You will be surprised how much fish there is: just 1% is used for consumption and the other 99% is still swimming around! So when you go snorkelling or diving you won't be alone!

When you are done with the heat take a nice ride into the mountains all the way to Sheekh! It is wonderful ride. You can do it as a day-trip! In Sheek historical graves are just found and the nature is very nice!

Laas Gaal, which roughly means “camel watering hold”. As a complex of caves and rock shelters famous for its cave paintings, Laas Gaal contains some of the earliest known art in the Horn of Africa and the African continent in general, dating back to somewhere 9000 BC.

Some tourists travel to Somaliland just to witness the paintings. They were discovered by a French archaeological team in 2002. The government and locals keep the cave paintings safe and only a restricted number of tourists are allowed.

Visa processing

The Ambassador Hotel is providing a visa processing for every one who wishes to come to Somaliland. After we receive your request, you will get your visa within three days, or sometimes earlier.

Property Management

The Ambassador Hotel organises for you the renting of houses for UN, International and local organizations, as well as individuals.

We have apartments and villas that are suitable both for families and also for individuals.