Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week +252 2 566666
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About Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa

Our primary responsibility

It is our responsibility to provide Customer Service Excellence, to every guest, client and visitor, one that is beyond compare.

The incomparable satisfaction of our clients and customers is the best goodwill we can offer as their take-home in every visit and stay they make. We can create a wholesome environment, conducive for international, national, and local visitors and guests to unwind and bring new businesses.

Our optimism will result in both a stepping stone and a building block towards a better future in the New Somaliland.

Our Vision and Mission Statement

We shall be New Somaliland's flagship in rebuilding the Tourism Industry.

We shall be known for our heavenly panoramic view, our strategic location, our state-of-the-art facilities, and as the leader in the hotel industry of the emerging New Somaliland.

We shall be known as the leader in creating innovative approaches and product packaging in the hotel industry.

We shall be known for our commitment to provide our guests, clients, and visitors unmatched service excellence, in authentic Somali hospitality, the comfort and ambiance of a home away from home, as well as satisfying their discriminating taste for delectable cuisine.

And, we shall provide to our staff family a wholesome workplace, one that breeds respect, trust, and loyalty.


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